How to catch Lucha Libre in Mexico City

My recommendation on how to catch Lucha Libre

I highly recommend you don’t go through a tour or Turibus if you can’t speak Spanish like me. If I were to relive the night, I’d take a simpler route:

  1. Buy tickets directly from Ticketmaster
  2. Make sure you do not bring any water and food because they will get you to throw them out
  3. Get an Uber to Arena Coliseo which is the location of the Lucha Libre
  4. Confidently find your own seat without the customary guidance
  5. Have fun! Cheer for whoever you love.
  6. Take an Uber back to the hotel

It’s overall more value for money. Uber is an absolute pleasure to deal with. You don’t have to know Spanish to communicate and there’s no negotiation with upfront pricing. Tip generously to Uber driver where possible, the driver gets a 100%. Use Ticketmaster as they are so much easier to deal with than Turibus.

What we instead did (with regrets)

So we went for Lucha Libre Turibus, we selected UK English when buying the tickets, we anticipated an evening of high-flying acrobatics and vibrant masks.

We were advised to arrive 30 minutes early, we reached our destination at 6:00 PM, only to find that the bus departed at 7 PM. The wait was filled with confusion, a small adventure in itself, as locating the bus and figuring out the boarding process.

In our hands, we were given Lucha Libre masks—a memento. We aren’t sure if we would keep it.

The night took an unexpected turn with a live Q&A session with a professional wrestler, all in Spanish, without a hint of translation. There’s no English available!

At the arena, a guide ushered us to our seats, an unspoken expectation of a tip hanging in the air. Caught off-guard with only a 500-peso bill and no smaller change, the moment passed without a tip, leaving a trace of displeasure in its wake.

The arena also insists on a no outside drinks policy—perhaps a push towards their concessions.

Here’s our full Lucha Libre experience that you can read along. It’s fun but could’ve been shorter.