Dances at the Food and agriculture convention

We were walking back to the hotel and chance upon some song and dance.

“Convención Agroalimentaria de Oaxaca para el Mundo,” which translates to “Oaxaca’s Food and Agriculture Convention for the World.” Sounds like the event is focused on showcasing Oaxaca’s agricultural products, cuisine, and possibly trade and development within the agri-food sector.

The “Danza de los Machetes” was a remarkable display of skill, where dancers, adorned in vibrant costumes, wielded machetes. This dance is a bold celebration of the agrarian lifestyle, embodying the farmers’ everyday courage and toil.

Men in wide-brimmed hats and sashes moved with a grounded strength, their machetes catching the light as they spun and struck the ground in rhythm.

The “Jarabe Tapatío,” often heralded as the national dance of Mexico, then took center stage.

It’s a romantic courtship play, with the male dancer expressing his affection as he and his partner deftly manipulate their handkerchiefs, flirting through their choreographed gestures. The women’s skirts billowed like blooming flowers, each twirl a petal unfurling in a kaleidoscope of pinks, reds, and whites. The men, in their charro suits, added a noble contrast with silver buttons shimmering along their trousers.

Mexicans do love theirs dances!