Empanada con Amarillo mole at La Cosecha

We ventured to La Cosecha, a renowned hub for authentic Oaxaca cuisine.

The Empanada mole Amarillo, stuffed with flavorsome chicken fillings, was perfectly complemented by the Mole Amarillo’s mild heat and complex flavor profile. This sauce is less intense than its cousins, Mole Negro and Mole Rojo, which are known for their richer, deeper flavors – the former being famous for its use of chocolate and the latter for its vibrant red color and spicier kick.

Curiously, despite its name, Mole Amarillo isn’t yellow. It’s a vibrant orange, owing to its unique blend of ingredients like guajillo and costeño amarillo chilies, along with spices and herbs. The name ‘amarillo’ (yellow in Spanish) likely comes from a regional dialect or the historical use of certain ingredients that gave it a yellower hue in the past. Learn more about other types of mole.

We had hot chocolate served alongside the empanada!