Dining at Restaurante Rosetta

Our visit to Restaurante Rosetta, ranked No. 49 in The World’s 50 Best Restaurants 2023, was an exploration of refined tastes and culinary artistry. Situated in the heart of Mexico City, Rosetta, under the guidance of chef Elena Reygadas, offers a unique dining experience that blends traditional Mexican ingredients with innovative cooking techniques.

The interior is pretty neat. There’s a courtyard inside.

Our Culinary Selections

White Mole and Fermented Carrot

The white mole was a revelation, a perfect balance of flavors that elevated the humble carrot to new heights. This dish showcased the versatility of mole, a traditional Mexican sauce, in a novel and delightful way. The fermented carrot cuts into the sweetness of the mole. This is a really good starter.

Papadelle with Chicken Liver and Sage

The papadelle, perfectly cooked, paired with the rich, earthy flavor of chicken liver, was a testament to Rosetta’s ability to transform simple ingredients into exquisite dishes.

Sea Bass with Guava in Mole Coloradito

Initially, we encountered a hiccup as the sea bass was undercooked. However, after being sent back, it returned perfectly cooked, with the guava adding a sweet contrast to the savory Mole Coloradito.

Flesh of fish is still bouncy in side:

This experience allowed us to appreciate the diversity of mole, a cornerstone of Mexican cuisine. White mole, with its subtler, nuanced flavors, provided a delightful contrast to the more commonly known and robustly flavored red (Coloradito) mole.

Overall: 3/5. Tip: Make sure fish is cooked.

Location of Restaurante Rosetta:
Colima 166, Roma Nte., Cuauhtémoc, 06700 Ciudad de México, CDMX