Delights at L’ETO and Chaiiwala

L’ETO, an upscale cafe renowned for its scrumptious and Instagram-worthy dishes, has become a go-to destination for those seeking a blend of luxurious desserts. The homely yet elegant atmosphere at L’ETO creates the perfect backdrop for indulging in their culinary creations.

During my visit, I savored the pasta and the pistachio cake, both of which were remarkable.

The pistachio cake stood out with its unique taste and exquisite texture, adding a sweet end to the meal.

On the other end of the culinary spectrum is Chaiiwala, catering to those craving a touch of desi (South Asian) flavors.

We tried their Karak Chaii and samosa chaat. The Karak Chaii, ordered without sugar, turned out to be surprisingly thick and flavorful, prompting a need for a bit of sweetness.

Oh, we also chanced upon a Prada Cafe, which is just a weird concept to me. Didn’t get to try this one.

Chaiiwala is available on Uber Eats.

The food made us really full and satisfied in the end.