Day 4: History in Yucatán

Our fourth day outside Mérida was a blend of unexpected detours and awe-inspiring experiences, as we delved deeper into Yucatán’s rich heritage.

Morning Setback and a New Start

The day began with a hiccup: our tour car broke down at 8 AM. Undeterred, we found a ride to Plaza Grande and eagerly awaited our rescheduled tour.

9:20 AM: Embarking on the Tour

By 9:20 AM, we were on our way, first heading towards the enchanting Cenote Sambulá.

10:30 AM: Mystical Cenote Sambulá

Visiting Cenote Sambulá was like stepping into another world. This natural sinkhole, sacred in Mayan culture, was both a source of life and a portal to the mystical.

12:00 PM: Choco-Story Experience

Our next stop was Choco-Story near Uxmal. The hacienda setting was cool, and maybe that’s all there was.

1:15 PM: The Ruins of Kabah

The ruins of Kabah, a testament to the ancient Maya and their architectural prowess, were our next destination.

2:30 PM: A Flavorful Lunch

Lunch was a culinary adventure with Poc Chuc and Yucatán-styled Pollo Asado. While the Poc Chuc was initially delightful, we soon found ourselves yearning for variety.

3:30 PM: Marveling at Uxmal

The highlight of the day was Uxmal, particularly the Pyramid of the Magician with its unique oval base and mythical origins.

6:30 PM: Evening at Plaza Grande

We concluded our day back in Mérida’s vibrant Plaza Grande, immersed in the lively atmosphere and tempted by the delicious street food, from churros to marquesitas.

Our fourth day in Yucatán was a journey through time, from the mystical depths of ancient cenotes to the grandeur of Maya ruins, all wrapped up with the flavors of Yucatecan cuisine.