Day 3: From Rainy Mornings to Cultural Evenings

I ended up not using my suggested itinerary (thanks Gen AI) and instead tried to work some of the segments in.

Late Morning: Rainy Start and the British Museum

The day started on a lazy note with a late morning, accompanied by the London rain. My first stop was the British Museum, a treasure trove of world history and culture. There were just too many people.

Afternoon: A Cozy Break at Tea and Tattle

Post the museum visit, I headed to Tea and Tattle for an afternoon tea with friends. It’s conveniently super close by and that was how I got by without an umbrella really. Surrounded by the charming decor and indulging in scones and clotted cream, this was a slice of traditional British comfort.

Evening: Fine Dining at The Pem

As evening approached, I found myself at The Pem, an exquisite fine dining restaurant in the heart of London. The culinary journey here was exceptional, each dish was a masterpiece, marking the highlight of my evening.

Night: Chocolate Indulgence at Knoops

After dinner, we craved something sweet and headed to Knoops, a chocolate cafe known for its chocolate-based drinks. Sipping on a rich, velvety chocolate drink was the perfect in the cold night.

Late Night: Laughter at Soho Theatre with Ahir Shah

The day culminated with a night of laughter at Soho Theatre, where I watched Ahir Shah, a brilliant comedian.