Day 3 at Celestún

Our day trip to Celestún, known for its flamingos and natural beauty, was an adventure filled with surprises and discoveries. We went with a tour group. It was a bit hard to find this group but it worked out in the end.

We started our day with a refreshing Topo Chico at Charrito Originales, gearing up for the heat and excitement ahead.

And we arrived in Celestún!

There’s a band of raccoons playfully interacting with a local lady who was feeding them.

The main highlight, of course, was seeing the flamingos. Although their numbers were fewer than anticipated, their vibrant pink plumage was a breathtaking sight.

The pink color of flamingos, interestingly, comes from their diet rich in beta-carotene found in algae and crustaceans. This diet causes the accumulation of pigments in their feathers, resulting in their distinct pink color.

Navigating through the nearby mangrove’s serene and lush green waterways offered a moment of tranquility and a closer look at the region’s diverse ecosystem.

Our beach excursion in Celestún, least to say, pretty underwhelming. The beach’s cleanliness is questionable.

Celestún offered a unique blend of wildlife and nature. We probably didn’t hit the flamingo season this round. Maybe better luck next time.