Day 1 in Mexico: Mexico City to Mérida

Our adventure in Mexico began with an early touchdown at Mexico City Airport at 6 AM. Eager to explore and bored at the airport, we quickly headed to the heart of Mexico City.

7:30 AM: Spiritual Start at the Basilica – Our first stop was the Basilica of Our Lady of Guadalupe. This serene and majestic site offered a peaceful beginning to our journey.

9 AM: Navigating the Metro – Post-visit, we took the metro from La Villa towards El Rosario. The women-only sections in the metro were a thoughtful touch, enhancing our sense of security.

10 AM: Juarez Metro Station and City Ambiance – Exiting the metro at Juarez Station, we were greeted by the lively morning atmosphere of Mexico City, a refreshing contrast to the airport’s monotony.

1 PM: Back to Mexico City Airport – Returned to the airport to catch our flight to Merida.

5 PM: Landed in Mérida – Nothing super interesting in this airport.

6 PM: Uber from Mérida Airport to our hotel – We learned of the rising tensions between taxi drivers and Uber operators.

7 PM: Checked into our hotel in Mérida – We checked into our hotel in Mérida, eager for the next phase of our trip.

8 PM: Dining at La Chaya MayaDinner at La Chaya Maya was a culinary delight. The restaurant’s ambiance and traditional dishes like Poc Chuc, Cochinita Pibil, and Salbutes offered a true taste of Yucatecan cuisine, complemented by crispy chips while we awaited our main course.

9 PM: Evening Stroll and Uber Ride back to hotel – We concluded our day with a leisurely walk around Mérida, absorbing the city’s nocturnal charm, before taking an Uber back to our hotel.