Breakfast at De Maiz y Cacao

Early morning we went to De Maiz y Cacao, a haven of traditional Mexican delights where the atmosphere is as nourishing as the food. The moment we stepped in, we were greeted with an ambiance reminiscent of a family gathering, complete with smiling faces and the comforting presence of several ‘abuelas’ adding to the homely feel.

For breakfast, we indulged in the hearty and flavorful “Enfrijoladas con Huevo” – a classic dish that perfectly represents the rich and savory essence of traditional cuisine. The dish, a beautiful blend of either tomato or bean sauce, enveloped in corn tortillas and topped with eggs, was a delightful treat that instantly connected us to the roots of authentic Mexican cooking.

Enfrijoladas are a traditional Mexican dish, similar to enchiladas but with a unique twist. Instead of being covered in chili sauce, in enfrijoladas, the tortillas are bathed in a rich and flavorful bean sauce. This sauce is typically made from pureed black or pinto beans, seasoned with garlic, onion, and various spices, creating a creamy and savory coating.

Accompanying our meal was the champurrado – a thick, warm, and chocolatey beverage that’s a staple in Mexican breakfasts. Its rich texture and deep flavor provided the perfect counterbalance to our main dish, creating a harmonious culinary experience.

This is a thicker, chocolate-flavored version of atole. It is made with masa harina (corn dough flour), water or milk, and chocolate, and is sweetened with piloncillo (unrefined cane sugar) or other sweeteners. Champurrado is often spiced with cinnamon and vanilla, resulting in a rich, chocolatey, and slightly grainy beverage.

Both are really good!

Location of De Maiz y Cacao:
Curtidurías 121b, Barrio de Jalatlaco, 68000 Oaxaca de Juárez, Oax.