Bazar Artesanal Mexicano in Coyoacán

Coyoacán, an old town established during the Spanish colonial era, is a melting pot of history and tradition, and this market is a testament to that rich heritage. Right there is the Bazar Artesanal Mexicano.

The market is a vibrant showcase of artisan craftsmanship. Colorful skulls, a symbol of Mexican art and the Day of the Dead celebration, catch the eye with their intricate designs.

Similarly, the alebrijes, whimsical and brightly colored folk art sculptures of mythical creatures, offer a glimpse into the imaginative spirit of Mexican artisans.

Central to Coyoacán’s charm is the Fuente de los Coyotes (Fountain of the Coyotes), named for the coyotes that roamed the area.

The Parroquia San Juan Bautista, translating to the Parish of Saint John the Baptist, is an architectural marvel with deep historical roots. This church, with its intricate façade and rich religious significance, stands as a beacon of the Spanish colonial influence in Coyoacán.

It’s fun walking through Coyoacán observing the Spanish influence.