Month: November 2023

  • Uber One in Mexico City

    Uber One in Mexico City

    Looks like Uber One is in Mexico City too! Uber One in Mexico offers a variety of benefits for its members. For a monthly fee of $70 MXN, members can enjoy: I personally use Uber One in US, it’s really nice to get the discounts / rebates on rides and Eats.

  • Last Bite at El Moro Churrería

    Last Bite at El Moro Churrería

    As our days in Mexico City come to an end, we’re drawn back to El Moro Churrería, a place that has sweetened our stay thrice. The churros here are incomparable, their freshness unmatched in the streets of San Francisco. Each bite, warm and crisp, is a testament to their artistry. Here, we savor the café…

  • Tranquility at Parque México

    Tranquility at Parque México

    As our adventure in Mexico City winds down, we find solace in the urban oasis of Parque México. Tucked away in Condesa, the park is a sanctuary from the city’s bustle, where the Audiorama, a unique haven for relaxation, beckons. This quiet corner features benches and speakers playing soft music, providing a perfect escape for…

  • Fish tacos at El Pescadito Roma

    Fish tacos at El Pescadito Roma

    We were thinking of ending our trip with the fish taco. We were hoping of something reminiscent of the flavors from the Mission District in San Francisco. We found ourselves at El Pescadito Roma in Mexico City. The fish taco is a crispy delight. The one we remembered was still nicer. The tuna taco, while…

  • Triqui Protests in Mexico City

    Triqui Protests in Mexico City

    In the heart of Mexico City, streets become stages for the voices of the Triqui people, indigenous inhabitants from Oaxaca’s Tierra Blanca Copala. Their protests, marked by the occupation of streets, are not mere disruptions; they are desperate calls for justice. The Triqui, known for their vibrant culture and resilience, are caught in a maelstrom…

  • Our last cafe stop Postales de Café

    Our last cafe stop Postales de Café

    As our journey in Mexico City draws to a close, a bittersweet feeling envelops us. We’ve chosen to spend our last day in the vibrant neighborhood of Condesa, immersing ourselves in the art of café hopping. Condesa, with its leafy streets and Art Deco buildings, offers a serene yet lively atmosphere. Each café we visit,…

  • Lunch at Café de Tacuba

    Lunch at Café de Tacuba

    Café de Tacuba, a renowned and historic restaurant in Mexico City, was established in 1912. The café is housed in a building that dates back to the colonial era, reflecting the architectural style of that period. Over the years, Café de Tacuba has become famous for its traditional Mexican cuisine and its charming interior, which…

  • Revisiting Palacio Postal in Mexico City

    Revisiting Palacio Postal in Mexico City

    On our first day in Mexico City, we were captivated by the grandeur of Palacio Postal, but a recent revisit has only deepened our appreciation. This architectural jewel is adorned with gilded interiors and ornate design. Every corner of Palacio Postal speaks of beauty, from its elaborate staircases to the intricately detailed ceilings. The fusion…

  • Organilleros in Mexico City

    Organilleros in Mexico City

    These organilleros street musicians, with their hand-cranked barrel organs, bring an air of nostalgia and charm to the urban landscape. It’s also known as harmonipan. Dressed in their distinctive brown uniforms, reminiscent of an older, almost bygone era. The music they play, a mixture of traditional Mexican tunes and popular songs from various periods, offers…

  • Sears alive in Mexico City

    Sears alive in Mexico City

    While Sears has faced decline in the U.S., especially on the West Coast with numerous store closures, it remains a presence in Mexico City. Good luck.

  • Cocktail With Clouds at Miralto

    Cocktail With Clouds at Miralto

    Perched high in Torre Latinoamericana, Miralto Restaurant offered us more than a meal—it presented a journey through Mexico City’s skyline. This architectural marvel, a testament to modern engineering since its completion in 1956, has withstood numerous earthquakes, standing as a beacon in the city’s heart. Iconic landmarks like Palacio de Bellas Artes, Palacio Nacional, the…

  • The Amazing Biblioteca Vasconcelos library

    The Amazing Biblioteca Vasconcelos library

    We ventured into the Biblioteca Vasconcelos, an architectural masterpiece that left us in awe. Designed by Alberto Kalach and completed in 2006, the library is a modern-day wonder that beautifully intertwines functionality with aesthetic brilliance. The interior is a stunning display of spatial ingenuity, with massive, suspended bookshelves creating a mesmerizing maze of knowledge. As…