Singapore and COVID-19

I was visiting Singapore last week and it certainly feels crowded. Everyone is still masking up in public transportation and hospitals. I also see some people voluntarily masking up in the mall.

Singapore records 6,888 new Covid-19 cases

There were 6,888 new Covid-19 infections on Tuesday, a jump from the 2,587 new local cases the day before.

The increase comes days after the return of the F1 Grand Prix race that attracted more than 300,000 people last Friday to Sunday. The race was not held in the last two years during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Another likely reason for the spike is the large number of people now moving in and out of the country, not just for F1, added Professor Tambyah.

He said: “Terminal 4 is now reopened and there are many more people coming in to Singapore and Singaporeans travelling for long delayed holidays.”

Source: Straits Times

Visitors coming in for the F1 is a likely source and increasingly Singaporeans are catching up on lost times to see each other without a barrier again.