Observations in Singapore 2022

I had the opportunity to visit Singapore recently and wanted to share some quick thoughts.

New Thomson–East Coast MRT line

The city’s commitment to growth is evident in the ongoing MRT line extension. Although incomplete, the ready stations hint at the future of public transit here.

Mask down people

Most people are gradually leaving their masks behind to get a chance of normalcy returning. COVID-19 is still a concern albeit much smaller. It is looking like it is becoming a managed risk at this point.

Safety at 5 AM in the morning

Being able to walk around at 5 AM in the morning is pretty cool. It’s much cooler since the sun hasn’t risen yet. The streets are cool and some stalls in the hawker center is setting up.

Singapore feels hotter

I am not sure if it is just me forgetting how hot it was but I can feel the temperature heating up. Thanks to the cover-ways, there is a more humane way of navigating around. The afternoon heat is unbearable and my plan of a 1.2 km walk was abandoned.