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FBI Adds Facebook, YouTube, Twitter Profiles

FBI goes Facebook, YouTube and Twitter.

FBI Adds Facebook, YouTube, Twitter Profiles

The FBI is willing to do just about anything when it comes to tracking down bad guys. They did the widgets thing last year. And today they announced that they’ve “set up shop in several social media websites.”

They’ve now got profiles on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube profiles are highlighted. They even have billboards up in Second Life. But nothing is mentioned about MySpace. Except that you can add FBI widgets to “social media websites such as Facebook, MySpace, and Blogger.” (Source: Techcrunch)

More government agencies going social?

South Park parodies YouTube stars

South Park parodies YouTube stars on their latest episode.

Viacom continues to pursue a $1 billion lawsuit against Google’s YouTube for allowing video piracy. On Viacom’s Comedy Central, South Park creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone aren’t helping their corporate parent’s legal case. In last night’s episode, Stan, Kyle, Cartman, and Kenny asked themselves “How Do We Make Money on the Internet?” and predictably, they find it difficult — just like YouTube. This leads to a South Park scene straight out of Viacom CEO Philippe Daumann’s dreams as, one by one, the viral-video sensations that made YouTube so big are destroyed.

[via ValleyWag]

Inside the mind of a 9-year-old file-sharer

Everyone knows that a significant number of file-sharers are teenagers and young adults and they get their share of press. But what about the true kids – the under 10’s ? TorrentFreak makes itself feel old trying to keep up with the agile mind of a 9 year old file-sharer.

TF. Hi Hannah! How old are you?

- I’m 10 in 12 days

TF. When did you first start using the internet to get music?

- My cousin showed me YouTube and then LimeWire and I was like “whoa cool!”

TF. What was cool about it?

- Because you can put anything in and it will come up and you don’t actually pay for it. Well you have to pay for the internet and LimeWire comes with the internet but you have to pay for that so LimeWire isn’t really free.

TF. So you’re sure that it’s ok to copy it? What do you think about copying?

- I suppose it’s not ok to copy but people copied it off her site so she just copies theirs. It’s like, you’re copying my t-shirt so i’m copying you on shoes.

TF. Ok, so a bit like copying school work?….Hmm….ok, let’s talk about copying on the computer again. When you started using LimeWire, did anyone ever mention that if you did certain things you might be breaking some laws?

- Why would they put it [music] on the internet and invent mp3 players if it was against the law?

TF. Do you think its legal or illegal to copy a CD or DVD?

- Some men right, they sell you a DVD at the market but when you get home it doesn’t play, that’s illegal.

TF. Why is it illegal?

- Duh!! Because they tell you it works and when you get it home it’s rubbish and jumps in the middle and its a waste of money!

Read more at TorrentFreak

I am not sure if this is a true interview actually because it kinda sounds a little too ignorant to me. But then again, it’s a 10 year old.

The point that she mentioned about paying for the internet is quite legit. I know of someone who got the internet just to download illegal music. That time he was convinced that music is free in the internet because there is no cost in making the CD. He thinks he is paying electricity and internet bills for it so it’s okay he feels.

Song about all the internet celebrities in YouTube and Myspace

A really well done and creative song highlighting all the people the internet has made famous. Includes all the break classics like the angry German kid, Gary the Numa Numa guy and so many more.

Internet People – Watch more free videos

I realized I recognize about 90% of the internet celebrities the song does patronage on! Oh no, I need to get a life. Seriously.

The original Dramatic Chipmunk

This is the original Dramatic Chipmunk that led to remixes such as this, this, this, this, this, this and finally – this

The clip was excerpted from an 2001 appearance by J-pop group Mini Moni (�??�??�?��??�??), a subgroup of J-pop girl group Morning Musume, on the Japanese TV show Hello! Morning. The then Mini Moni consist of Ai Kago, Mika Todd, Nozomi Tsuji and Mari Yaguchi. Some one in YouTube was commenting that these girls are 11 to 13 years old. That, I supposed, would be a compliment to them. But not all are that young. The blonde one is 2 years older than me and that would make her about 20 years old in this video.

The Dramatic Chipmunk before it was famous. Before the background music or the many remixes. Dramatic Chipmunk came from a Japanese show.

Original Dramatic Chipmunk

And oh – by the way – it’s a prairie dog.

YouTube and LG partner to roll out phones

YouTube and LG decides to partner to come out with phone, not sure if it would be successful. I’m not really fond of LG phones.

Youtube, SKorea’s LG agree to develop mobile phone

SEOUL (AFP) – South Korea’s LG Electronics said Tuesday it has signed an agrement with YouTube, the world’s biggest video-sharing website, to develop a mobile phone which can operate the service.

LG Electronics said the proposed model will enable users to upload, view and share video clips or user-created content (UCC) online freely without using computers.

“LG Electronics will unveil the mobile handset that fully supports the YouTube service for the first time in Europe in the second half of this year,” the South Korean firm said in a statement.

LG Electronics, the world’s fifth-largest mobile phone manufacturer, is also stepping up its partnership with Google, the world’s largest Internet serach engine which owns YouTube.

It began selling third-generation (3G) handsets called “Google phones” with software installed for directly using the Google service, in Europe last month.

Source: Yahoo! News

If they really do come out with this YouTube LG phones, I will mock at it for 1 week at least. Anyway, the market is just not ready for videos being served via mobile phones I think. Phones need to be a lot cheaper and the phone subscription need to be made cheaper too. That way, all the new-generation kids would go get cheated and purchase these YouTube phones. The students would find it fun… If they have the money.

And Daryl and I were talking about the LG logo, we don’t like it a lot.

Me: LG has a frigging smiley that doesn’t look like its smiling. it looks like it’s winking at you but it really is just a terrible attempt to put alphabets ‘L’ and ‘G’ into a logo

D: i always think it’s freaky. bcos i imagine a real person w an LG head. but i always imagine freaky things.

Me: i don’t wish to imagine that, it’s nightmarish

The LG logo is the one with the red colored head.

I have to get ready, I have to get ready…

Just how long do we have to lie to ourselves to get ready to actually do something useful? This clip actually somes up some of my thoughts about 3 weeks ago. I realized I spent a little time doing this and doing that but really those are just really really bad use of time.

Tales Of Mere Existence “I Have To Get Ready”

And you asked what the hell am I doing at YouTube browsing through the videos. I had a little time left and can watch some videos before I get ready.