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SingTel launching 3G iPhone on August 22

According to Reuters, 3G iPhones would be out in Singapore on August 22.

SingTel to launch 3G iPhone in August-source

SINGAPORE, Aug 4 (Reuters) – Singapore Telecommunications Ltd, Southeast Asia’s largest telecoms firm, will launch Apple Inc’s third-generation iPhone in Singapore before the end of August, a source familiar with the matter told Reuters.

“SingTel should be launching the 3G iPhone in Singapore before the end of the month,” said the source, who spoke on condition of anonymity.

The company plans to launch it in 20 more countries on Aug. 22. It has set a target of selling 10 million iPhones this year.

Source: Reuters

Want to get one?

SingTel secured iPhone distribution in four countries

iPhone’s coming to Singapore it appears. SingNet is also giving away Apple MacBook if you sign up for their 80+++ plans. Lots of Apple love going on.

SingTel ropes iPhone distro in Singapore, India, Australia, and Philippines

Singapore Telecommunications (aka SingTel) announced that it’s secured agreements to distribute the iPhone in Singapore (on SingTel Mobile) and its partly-owned subsidiaries in Australia (on Optus), India (on Bharti Group), and the Philippines (on Globe Telecom). Vodafone’s also distributing the iPhone in India and Australia though, so we’ll have to wait until later this year to find out who gets to shoot first.

Read more at Engadget.

SingTel’s GOOD service

I think the person who came out with that service is probably having fun.

SingTel Comcenter building at Somerset.

(SingTel Comcenter building at Somerset.)


GIRO-On-Demand (GOOD) is a flexible on-line payment mode that let you control how much you want to pay and when you want to pay. It allows you to pay your SingTel bills as well as for others. With GOOD, you initiate when and how much to be deducted from your nominated bank account. It is a convenient and secure on-line payment mode that does not require you to open an Internet banking account. You just need to sign up a one-time GOOD application form to perform your payment transactions.

Sign up for GOOD now!

Source: SingTel GOOD

I like the part where they say ‘Sign up for good now’.

Earthquake in Taiwan, Taiwanese and BitTorrent users weep

I can’t post a thing. I can’t view a lot of pages, I can only go to SingNet (my ISP) web page and SingNet is still happily promoting their 5Mbps broadband plan. I called SingNet and the technical support is engage. You know what that tells me? Too many people are calling the technical support lines to enquire about the new 5Mbps connection.

Turns out that there is an earthquake at around 7.1 at Hengchun and it damaged some cables, namely SeaMeWe 3 (South East Asia Middle East Western Europe 3) and APCN2 (Asia Pacific Cable Network 2) undersea cables.

SeaMeWe3 and Taiwan earthquake superimposed. Map from NASA via Windows Live. Information from SeaMeWe3 web site. Click on image to enlarge.

(SeaMeWe3 and Taiwan earthquake superimposed. Click on image to enlarge.)

The red thing that I drew supposed to be an earthquake, it looks kinda distorted. The blue portions are SingTel undersea cable network South East Asia Middle East Western Europe 3 (SeaMeWe3).

The earthquake disrupted internet access in places like China and Singapore. Ships have been dispatched from both Taiwan and Hong Kong to repair the damaged cables. Engineers said that process could take two to three weeks, although most people will see services back to normal before then.

Source: BBC, ComputerWorld and SeaMeWe3.

I’m quite upset with SingTel’s service quality. They did not place a note online regarding this service disruption until yesterday evening. They should have put in their news or something. Surely this is big enough news right? And their technical support line is engaged too. That should not be happening.

By the way, everyone’s talking about their home internet, no YouTube, no Yahoo!, Hotmail gone. Perhaps they kinda forgotten what’s an earthquake? It’s the ground-shifting moment when people get hurt. Why’s nobody talking about death tolls and restoration efforts in Taiwan?

Migration canceled

//beconfused is migrating on May 20th, 2006.

(//beconfused is migrating on May 20th, 2006.)

There is no migration already. My current host, SurpassHosting, is better than my new one – GoDaddy web hosting. In fact GoDaddy is really quite bad that they spoil my mood each time I hear the name. I’ll post more about my bad experience with GoDaddy.

I prepared this image ready. But it seems that there will be no migration already. I am having a lot of troubles with the current hosting. It seems like all SingNet users cannot access the following addresses:

  • www.beconfused.com
  • blog.beconfused.com
  • beconfused.com/images

All SingNet users can only access it through ‘beconfused.com’ and must add a trailing slash to all directories to view my folders.

It seems not to be a problem at my host’s server side, seems to be a SingNet caching problem. May be some DNS thing involved. I am not sure at this point of time. But SurpassHosting is unable to resolve any of my issues. My pages work fine with all other internet service providers I think. And yes, I am using SingNet…


I got a shock this morning when I see my blog having technical difficulties. It would seem that there is something wrong with my SQL database. What is happening? I am unsure.

I made a check and found out that the SQL databases are all gone. I really had a scare. The thought of my posts disappearing was rather upsetting.

The awful truth is that I haven’t been backing up information ever since I enter the army. I was just so busy booking in and out and spend little time fiddling with all web hosts services. I did not even get my FTP to work in the end.

It is likely to be caused by my internet service provider which is SingNet. I can access the FTP using other internet service providers. It’s probably an un-updated name server or something. I’m not sure. I’ll call up SingNet soon though, like the previous attempt to get Blog*Spot to work for me.

As for the SQL database, it miraculously work again. It seems to be resurrected, my web host probably restarted the SQL server or something and cause errors in my page. Frankly speaking, I’m not too pleased about it.

I’ll be backing up my files soon, but first I’ll upgrade my blogging software, WordPress, to its latest version before doing so. You guys should back things up regularly too.


After I finish my Basic Military Training (BMT), I found myself with a lot of time. Then I start to think since I am so damn free.

And it was then I realize – damn it, I ain’t so free after all.

I have not pay my SingTel bills!

_(I have not pay my SingTel bills!)_

First, I didn’t pay my phone bills. I just forget about it totally and my phone company – SingTel – sent me a reminder in red! They threatened to cut my line! How dare they! Anyway, I went to pay up already. I am not so free to pay all the time and I am thinking of allowing SingTel to take the money from my bank account to pay automatically.

Then it is my Singapore Polytechnic diploma certificate and transcripts. As I was held up in the army, I wasn’t able to book out and join my school’s graduation hence I did not get my certificate. I am quite pissed that time. I would like to collect them from my school soon.

Also, I wish to check out my magazine subscriptions, I don’t see all my magazines coming and I am not pleased! Damn it, I paid okay. It’s been 2 months.

And my insurance, it is over-deducting from my bank!! I didn’t allow a transaction of that much, I’m losing money…

I still got to return some library books. I got to pay my lecturer some money too. I need to pass some money to a couple of friends from polytechnic. I still need to collect the money that people owe to me.

All of a sudden, it just seem that I have a lot of unfinished stuff that I should have done earlier. I just didn’t do it when I am in the camp. I’m going to finish all these one by one on Monday. Today, I’ll just do the most important thing in my task list – tidy my room and unpack my stuff from army.