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Inside the mind of a 9-year-old file-sharer

Everyone knows that a significant number of file-sharers are teenagers and young adults and they get their share of press. But what about the true kids – the under 10’s ? TorrentFreak makes itself feel old trying to keep up with the agile mind of a 9 year old file-sharer.

TF. Hi Hannah! How old are you?

- I’m 10 in 12 days

TF. When did you first start using the internet to get music?

- My cousin showed me YouTube and then LimeWire and I was like “whoa cool!”

TF. What was cool about it?

- Because you can put anything in and it will come up and you don’t actually pay for it. Well you have to pay for the internet and LimeWire comes with the internet but you have to pay for that so LimeWire isn’t really free.

TF. So you’re sure that it’s ok to copy it? What do you think about copying?

- I suppose it’s not ok to copy but people copied it off her site so she just copies theirs. It’s like, you’re copying my t-shirt so i’m copying you on shoes.

TF. Ok, so a bit like copying school work?….Hmm….ok, let’s talk about copying on the computer again. When you started using LimeWire, did anyone ever mention that if you did certain things you might be breaking some laws?

- Why would they put it [music] on the internet and invent mp3 players if it was against the law?

TF. Do you think its legal or illegal to copy a CD or DVD?

- Some men right, they sell you a DVD at the market but when you get home it doesn’t play, that’s illegal.

TF. Why is it illegal?

- Duh!! Because they tell you it works and when you get it home it’s rubbish and jumps in the middle and its a waste of money!

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I am not sure if this is a true interview actually because it kinda sounds a little too ignorant to me. But then again, it’s a 10 year old.

The point that she mentioned about paying for the internet is quite legit. I know of someone who got the internet just to download illegal music. That time he was convinced that music is free in the internet because there is no cost in making the CD. He thinks he is paying electricity and internet bills for it so it’s okay he feels.

Odex parody video

Not sure if you guys have actually seen this, the Odex parody video:

XEDO Holocaust

And just in case you don’t know what is Odex:

In Singapore, the piracy of Japanese animation has gotten quite a bit of press coverage. I know many people downloading anime. One of the local anime distributers, Odex, decided to start demanding payment from people who download from sources such as BitTorrent. While they’re generally and lawful to pursue this matter, their approach is not favorable among the local anime community.

They demanded a monetary settlement from the downloaders of about $3000 which they claim is the fees that were spent on issuing the lawsuit. Such bullying tactics has caused several to boycott Odex products. I looked at Odex products at HMV feeling disgusted by their ways. To worsen matters, ISP Singnet and Starhub revealed their subscriber details.

But as the Odex saga is coming to an end, it’s interesting to watch the supposedly good guys turn bad and hated all around town. Odex didn’t do anything wrong when they start whining people are downloading their anime. It’s the all suing thing that just sucks. I think there’s plenty to learn from this. Don’t be overly righteous. And be more sensitive to what you say in forums.

SuprNova, gone for a couple of years, now has returned!

The legendary piracy index website, SuprNova, is back. Now under the people at The Pirate Bay.

SuprNova returns!

Here’s what they have to say:

We’re back!

Suprnova has been down for some years due to some heavy pressure from the copyright lobby. The former owner sloncek donated suprnova to The Pirate Bay – and as you know, we like to kick ass and bow for noone!

We were going to keep this site a secret until we had finished it, but of course it leaked, that’s how internet works. So now that the word is out, we’re releasing it!

Please consider these first weeks/months as a beta test. Since we love all you guys and gals so much we decided to keep it an open beta test. That means, please behave, don’t complaint to much and if you discover any weird bugs or problems, let us know.

Some of you have also already discovered our new forum, Suprbay! Which is a joint forum for both Suprnova and The Pirate Bay. Discuss movies, music, love and whatever with your fellow pirates.

Finally, some words for non-internet loving companies: This is how it works. Whatever you sink, we build back up. Whomever you sue, ten new pirates are recruited. Wherever you go, we are already ahead of you. You are the past and the forgotten, we are the internet and the future.


These days, it’s almost as if pirate camp’s playing a bad joke on intellectual property supporters. SuprNova’s return would most certainly upset the RIAA, the MPAA and AA batteries. It would be interesting to watch how the anti-piracy guys would react to this. The Pirate Bay’s resilience has been admirable. Let’s watch this closely.

“Worst Company In America 2007″ winner – RIAA

Shall we put our hands and MP3 players together to congratulate the RIAA for clinching The Consumerist’s “Worst Company In America 2007″ award which is based on a reader poll.

We predicted an RIAA landslide, but they only managed a 53.8% majority over Halliburton’s 46.2%.

The message is clear. The internet cares deeply about being able to download music illegally.

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Borat DVD packaging looks pirated

The funny thing about the official Borat DVD Release is that there is not a word of English on it anywhere describing it. The DVD cover also appears like a color photocopy of an original DVD cover, complete with off color tones, slightly blured company logos, slightly blurry text and moire pattern.

Borat DVD packaging looks pirated.

I think you get a pirated Borat with a much better packaging.

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There has always been anti-priracy movements. And it started much earlier than you think. Think about the time when games are in floppy disks and you can just copy the game over to another computer to play. So kid, remember that it’s just not right to copy games using floppy disks.

Watch the video at YouTube.com.

We should be using CDs at least these days anyway. :p


BitTorrent just stays, Washington Post reports via Yahoo! News.

**BitTorrent May Prove Too Good to Quash**

BitTorrent is different. This free, open-source program offers a spyware- and nuisance-free installation. And while it is certainly handy for downloading movies and other copyrighted material for free, it’s also increasingly used to distribute software and entertainment legally.

This makes BitTorrent not only a fascinating test case for legal experts, but it also looks a lot like the logical fusion of peer-to-peer file-sharing and traditional downloading. It’s too robust to stamp out with lawsuits, but too effective not to adopt for commercial use.

…the Motion Picture Association of America is less than thrilled about that particular use. It has taken tracker sites to court for their role in pointing users to movie downloads. As part of one settlement, it took over one such site, LokiTorrent.com, and turned it into an online billboard warning users of the legal risks they faced.

BitTorrent hasn’t been the most approachable program ever, but the 4.0 version released Tuesday offers a far cleaner interface: Simple play/pause buttons start and stop downloads, while a slider control regulates your uploading bandwidth.

The MPAA may be able to drive BitTorrent movie downloads into what (David) Green [MPAA's vice president for technology and new media] called “the dark corners of the Internet,” but this program isn’t going to go away. It might, however, be just what movie studios and record labels need to market and distribute their own content efficiently on the Web.

Read more at Yahoo! News

So you see, BitTorrent doesn’t go away. There are too many trackers out there. It would cost too much money to trace everyone down. Perhaps the US government can do what they’re best in – like, er, investing on anti-terrorism features or something.

Why not take advantage of BitTorrent. Distribute more legal software with it. Software can be several CDs huge, just distribute it through BitTorrent.