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Jeff Dunham’s Achmed sings Jingle Bombs

Jeff Dunham is an award winning ventriloquist and a stand-up comedian. His usual puppets include a woozle named Peanut, a bitter old man named Walter, José Jalapeño, and Achmed the Dead Terrorist.

Jeff Dunham Achmed’s “Jingle Bombs”

Made me laugh but I’m sure there’ll just be some people who will get offended. Continue reading “Jeff Dunham’s Achmed sings Jingle Bombs” »


Ready for some free music?

Takeshi Terauchi and The Bunnys – Let’s Go Classics

Album cover of Takeshi Terauchi and The Bunnys - Lets Go Classics.

(Album cover of Takeshi Terauchi and The Bunnys – Let’s Go Classics.)

All of the MP3s are really nice. If you like electrical guitar, give it a listen at WFMU. Japanese Surf Versions of Classical Themes. Nice stuff from Takeshi Terauchi and The Bunnys. My favorites include:

  • Hungarian Dance Number 5 (Brahms)
  • Toreador Dance from Carmen (Bizet)
  • Fur Elise (Beethoven)

Listening to In a Persian Market (Ketelbey) reminds me of S.H.E. rendition of the song called Persian Cat which by the way is horrible. Read more about The Bunnys if it interests you.