The new phenomenon: Shopdropping

Mixed Messages is a shop dropping intervention that critiques absurd and manipulative advertising language by re-labeling products in supermarkets and stores.

Shopdropping aka Droplifting: Beginner’s Guide to the Subversive Urban Art of Reverse Shoplifting

Shopdropping was probably the last kind of giving on most people’s minds as they shopped during the holiday season. Shopdropping, also known as droplifting, is the incredible act of reverse shoplifting: going into stores and putting things onto the shelves. Banksy is probably the best known shopdropper, famous for putting out his own subvertised versions of Paris Hilton’s CDs and hanging his subversive art in galleries.

It might not surprise you to learn that reactions to shopdropping or droplifting vary as much as approaches to it and reasons for doing it. Some people find it harmless and amusing while others find it shocking and disturbing. Shopdroppers who are caught are variously freed by confused police or held on charges related to destruction of property or even fraud. Reactions, criticisms or other shopdropping thoughts? (Source: Web Urbanist)

Well, it would be interesting to see this in my country although it is illegal.

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