Selamat jalan – have a safe journey

Come, let’s learn some malay:

Selamat datang means “welcome” (Used as a greeting).

Selamat jalan mean “have a safe journey” (equivalent to “goodbye”, used by the party staying).

Selamat tinggal means “goodbye” (Lit translation: “Good stay”, used by the party going).

Selamat pagi means “good morning”.

Selamat petang means “Good afternoon or good evening” (note that ‘Selamat petang’ must not be used at night as in English. For a general greeting, use ‘Selamat sejahtera’).

Selamat sejahtera means formal greetings.

Selamat malam means “good night”.

Okay okay… Enough already. Selamat malam everyone. (More on Wikipedia)

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