Replacing invalid security id with default security id for file…

Oh man, I just gotten this error message, “Replacing invalid security id with default security id for file filename.” It has almost been 2 hours and I’m still stuck on that screen on my other computer. It annoys and worries me. Microsoft tries to explain vaguely:

The specified file has an invalid security ID. Each file on an NTFS or FAT volume has a security ID assigned it. The ID assigned to the data file does not match the ID assigned to security data stream file ($SDS). There is a mismatch in Ids. Chkdsk is replacing the invalid security ID. No user action required.

I hope my computer will be okay. Not the best time of the day. All I did was to do a restart and I gotten this shit. Quite a few people online are also having a similar error message. Seems like the advice is just to wait. Still I want to know what happen.

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  1. Mario

    ha happening to me right now. will try come back say what happens so if some one looks here they wont think what happens next like i am!

  2. angel

    Its happening to mi rigth now!
    what happening with you??
    please tell me, becasue i dont know if i have to force shut down the computer, or wait….

  3. angel


    my chkdisk finish and Server starts ok,
    and files was fine.
    my problem starts in a laptop with windows vista, the SO crashes then i cant access users data.

    I tried a lot of things and nothing works.
    then i put the disk as slave in a win2003 server and it works!

    good luck everyone!

  4. Verb

    The first time this happened to me, I let it go through a bunch of files, then I canceled it. When I started windows xp, 32bit, sp2. I couldn’t access any files, copy and paste and my windows startbar was gone. I have to OS’s installed on my comp, so I logged into windows xp64bit, and it tried to start replacing the security Id’s again, but I canceled immediately.

    I then downloaded this program

    I had to download it on xp64 installation, because the 32bit one was messed up. But if you can access the internet you should be fine.

    In that program, there is a little “hammer” icon. Clicking on that brings up the “tools” menu.

    One of the options in the tools menu is to REPAIR PERMISSIONS. I used that, and it repaired enough things to get my computer back to working order, although it did not completely fix the problem.

    This issues still happens everytime I restart my computer, So I always have to cancel it.

    I think it may have something to do with my running realVNC, and some other remote control components, Server-type components.

  5. Trevor


    Does anyone have a solution for this?? Why does this issue happen, and no nothing to do with realVNC, its something with the cloning?? I have tried everything, BIOS updates, Newsid before and after etc etc

  6. Sam

    In response to a previous post, chkdsk went through 140000 files before it was finished on my computer.

  7. sidashuai

    oh,my god ,it happened to me today, I goast my system,and come in the new system,but when I restore,I start chdk,and shows my volums is dirty .it’s so danger.who can help me ? please email and tell me why ?

  8. Frank Bear

    It happened to me today, I wait for about 30 minutes after it run over 37000 files, then boot into windows again. I can use my laptop normally now.
    I wonder if it is related to the hardware or OS, or both? I’m using ASUS K40IN notebook, Intel T4300 CPU, 4GB memory, 500GB HDD, Windows7 64bit Premium, what’s yours?

    Actually I have been met blue screen several times(I bought this laptop Dec. 2009, it’s only 4 months), but this time is most critical.

  9. Lee Hendricks

    I’m running Parallels 6.0 on Mac OS X 10.6.

    I restored a new MacBook Air (late 2010) with a Time Machine backup. All Mac OS X applications worked perfectly.

    I started Parallels 6.0 and tried to access the MS Windows 7 guest operating system and experienced this error.

    Windows 7 has been replacing invalid security IDs for over two hours now and its still going. The file count currently stands at 73,790 and it’s still going…..

    My inclination is to leave it running and see what happens. Fingers crossed!

  10. Jacob Antor

    THIS IS HAPPENING TO ME RIGHT NOW. It’ gone through like 2 hours of files, (on that black screen) and now it’s just an empty black screen with a cursor. I have no idea what to do, I’m gonna force shut down… I hope my computer is ok

  11. Aryo Sanjaya

    Just 2 hours? It has been take 2 days long. Even I force to stop it (reset the machine), but once I boot to Windows XP, the “Replacing” is on show again.

    189417 files now, and counting…

  12. Joe

    You guys are all lucky. Mine has now been going for 9 hours, and is on almost 700,000 files…

  13. Nick

    Dont know how you guys are doing it, but my scan is right now at file 340000 and if I remember correcly from my last (antivir scan, it will go up so nearly a million).

    So thats really a pain in the ass, it will take 7-8 hours, for my system. Thats only a 100GB partition full of software developer tools.

  14. Sarven

    Happened to me after I became inpatient with my SBS 2008 and unplugged it from power during shutdown, unfortunatley I have no vaild backups for this server and have to wait out the replacing invalid security procedure which is now @ 25000 after about 25min, being on a RAID5 solution I cannot cancel and slave the drive to restore data :( hope it ends up booting into O/S

  15. ltruong117

    My friends,
    A HP pavillion of my friend was experiencing BSOD. did not boot at all. I dismounted the HD and mounted it on another computer as a slave. At start, my computer detected the bad and chkdsk automatically ran went through all the steps and even the “Replacing invalid security id with default security id for file…” it took about 4 hours and stopped at 243000. My good computer continued to boot normally after this process. I then shutdown and remounted the recovered HD back to its computer and It workded just fine. Please be patient with this process.

  16. Doug

    Are there any additional comments?

    My computer (Win 7) did this over the weekend. The Install DVD thinks everything is fine. But the machine hangs in regular boot up or Safe Mode.

    After a normal reboot, it ran through 200,000 files and then freezes with the Black Scrren of Death (BSOD?)

  17. Paul

    Thats nothing this happend to our file server at and went though 189,516,873 files and counting. 40TB worth arg!

  18. David

    Yes, you just leave it there, until it finishes. I happened to be in the very same situation last night, came to this forum, and decided to wait. After a few hours (it’s 3 AM right now), I can use the OS and it booted well, and I was able to do an external backup. You might guess that, in order to reach this point, several things have to be working well so far.
    I agree that the damn Windows/Microsoft doesn’tr truly explain what happened. It makes me speculate it’s an error they know sometimes can happen due to a bug of theirs, and hence that short explanation.

  19. jason

    god i’m wortied it was a nice day then this happens i’m worried about my my computer please someone stop this maddness! sos!

  20. jason

    its at like 190345 and still goimg X. X i hope, i can still use my laptop i:

  21. jay

    Just let it run….just had the same issue…i let it run through and everything is back up and running…it took 4 hours to do completely.

  22. Bugger

    This same problem is happening to me right now after booting windows 8 preview. I knew something was wrong when I was w8 saying it was checking my files for a long time. Damn windows 8 for screwing up my windows 7 drives. I’ll never buy this junk w8.

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