US crime rates fall since the release of Doom

We always see people blaming violent games for crimes in the city. And of course, we have people saying otherwise. Jack Thompson would just go screaming that violent games are bad for the society but are they really that bad?

Since Doom was released in 1993, violent crimes in the United States have to 40% of what they used to be. Coincidence? Possibly, yes. However, the year Quake and Duke Nukem 3D were released, violent crimes fell by 4%, and a further 2% when Grand Theft Auto was released.

Source: avinash.vora

Of course, merely quoting some statistics is not going to convince anyone. But let us be reminded once again that there is no conclusive statistics to point violent games lead to more crimes. Perhaps we should look into other ways to dealing with city crimes and stop blaming the bloody (no puns intended) violent games.

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4 thoughts on “US crime rates fall since the release of Doom

  1. Avinash Vora

    First off, thanks for posting this!

    I appreciate how you actually got the point–while the correlation I’ve presented is interesting at best (that I agree with it is something that is completely subjective opinion), I was trying to drive home that the opposite is most definitely not true.

  2. Mr. Dew Post author

    Thanks Avinash Vora and Paul Levinson, it is a good article, thanks for pointing it out too.

    -=}{oT~dEv1L 666=-, I don’t like Jack Thompson too. He’s like a loser in the media. And it seems he doesn’t do his research well too.

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