Something good in Windows Vista – Clocks

One of my favorite improvements in Windows Vista is the bloody clock at the bottom right corner of your task bar or notification bar – whatever people call it (my friend calls it the blue bar).

On clicking on the digital clock at the blue bar you get this (picture):

Windows Vista Date and Time.

In Windows XP, I double click on the clock quite often and it’ll launch this control panel thingy and all I want is too check a calendar. There was a couple of occasions that I click on some other month and I click okay. Of course, I set my clock to another day. With the new clock in Windows Vista, it shows a calendar that you can flip months and years and it will not change the date at all. But if it’s your intention to change the date, you can of course. The new feature does make a hell lot more sense, doesn’t it?

I love the additional clocks setting too (picture):

You can add additional clocks in Windows Vista.

You can reveal more clocks if you’re travelling or something. I don’t travel much – if at all in fact. I set my other clock to Greenwich Mean Time, it’s useful when I check out logs and see server notices as it’s all reported in GMT. Another good time zone to set is Pacific Standard Time (PST) but I didn’t bother with that since Singapore time (similar to Australian Western Standard Time) is +800 hours and PST is just -800 hours. The analog clock would essentially look the same.

Have fun with clocks. ;)

8 thoughts on “Something good in Windows Vista – Clocks

  1. Mr. Dew Post author

    Nafcom: The term ‘SystemTray’ is no longer used since Windows 95. It is officially named the ‘taskbar’. The taskbar consists of several elements, e.g. the ‘Start’ button, taskbar buttons and the ‘Notification Area’. It has not be called ‘tray’ or ‘systray’ or ‘system tray’ before.

    The term ‘tray’ came about during the Windows 95 builds where there is this folder docked at the bottom for the user to drag thing in and out, somewhat like a drawer tray. (Source)

    ‘Taskbar Notification Area’ is the correct term for the area with the nice clock. ;)

  2. Nafcom

    @Mr Dew: I am not entirely wrong, though:

    Start menu, Quick Launch bar, Taskbar buttons and Notification area (popularly known as the system tray[1] ^ The notification area is most commonly referred to as the “system tray” or “systray”. Some people consider this usage to be incorrect. For more information, refer to Windows developer Raymond Chen’s “Why do some people call the taskbar the ‘tray’?”.

    It’s actually the same like the IDE case: Everybody calls it IDE however the correct one is “Ultra DMA” :) I have learned System Tray or SysTray in IT education and I will probably stick with this phrase till I am dead :D

  3. Tim

    Yes i love that feature, i’ve been doing a lot of date work where dates are stored in GMT, the only problem is someone screwed up and the GMT time is not alway correct.

    I live in GMT +10 and yet at 10pm it says its 1pm GMT, unless there is a new math where 10pm -10hours = 1pm. There is no daylight savings time in GMT so that shouldn’t be the reason.

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