15 thoughts on “teddy//drive

  1. Rick Cain

    Well they already make a “thumb drive” which is a USB drive in the shape of well….a human thumb.

    I do like this idea, all you need is a dollar store stuffed animal, a pen drive & some glue.

  2. klancy

    I saw the “thumb drive” totally hilarrious.
    I like how the teddybear body looks totally into the machine, it kind of makes fun of us computer users being too serious. It’d be better if the arms and hind legs were trying to push back out.

    Now I’m thinking GI Joe.

  3. Tyrone

    wow…,this thing only shows how high our world in technology now.People create more creative inventions just to sell their products.But infareness, the teddy bear flash drive was so cute.

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