There are several new categories now:

* Odd World – The world has lots of strange things happening and I like these strange news. They provide light humor to me sometimes.
* Humor – Humor and Odd World are so similar. I was thinking of calling the category ‘Humor’ to be ‘Jokes’. Maybe I’ll rename it some day. I’ll see how it goes.
* Blog – I blog about blogs sometimes. I am thinking of going to other people’s blog and write reviews out of them since I surf so much of them per day.

I am thinking of removing categories such as ‘News’. I’ll see how it goes. And I decided to call these categories ‘topics’ to be different from other blogs. Everyone uses the word ‘category’ nowadays. There are more updates to come, especially concerning the ‘backend’ of this blog – I am upgrading to WordPress 1.5 Strayhorn soon.

Other updates to my blog include the addition of new blogs in my links section, namely Nafcom (from Germany) and Roksteady (from the cubicle right opposite me).

And I placed advertisements if you have noticed. If you’re too free and don’t know what to do, please click on my advertisements to support me and my web hosting fees. Thanks a lot.

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