People like Jessica and Pketh, they are fans of RSS feeds. I use that too, but this time. The RSS feed would be relocated yet again. It used to be at then I moved it to and now, it’ll be soon be moved to

New link for RSS feeds –

Do update your favorite RSS program when the time comes. All these changes are quite troublesome, sorry about that. I fixed up these:

* Really messy image folders
* Getting rid of the ‘www’ in front of
* Remove the reliance of the Exhibit plugin (image management) for WordPress
* Set up the appropriate permenant redirection to all the post.
* Set up the redirection for RSS feeds that I previously forgotten.

And the next step after these is to migrate my blog from WordPress 1.2.2 to WordPress 1.5. I’m slow. This has been release a couple of weeks ago and I didn’t have the time to do this upgrade. I’ll upgrade my blog on March 13, Sunday, at 11 PM (Singapore time, +800 hrs). Hope that everything goes well this round.

7 thoughts on “rss//feeds

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  2. Mr. Dew

    pketh: I want to restructure my blog. It’s just too messy and hard to find resources. The whole blog lacks organization and I know it’s my damn fault that my folders are messed up, hahaa..

  3. Mr. Dew

    Jessica: This new RSS feed has not been set to work, sorry about that. It is to inform you of a new location of RSS feed before I move. It’ll be at around coming Sunday. I’ll really move it already, it’s part of the upgrade to WordPress 1.5 which I placed at the top domain folder.

  4. viv

    Google Does a Feed Reader

    Speaking of RSS, here’s more news from the Web 2.0 show: Google
    unveiled a beta version of Google Reader, a browser-based feed reader
    that you can check out here.

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