Review: Midori no Hibi

I just watched finish the anime – Midori no Hibi. It’s an okay anime. I would consider it to be a romantic comedy. I feel that anime nowadays seems to be very “multi-genre”. A successful anime is usually one that appeal to the largest crowd.



Midori no Hibi is literally translated as “Midori’s Days” I believe. Before I watched the anime, I actually saw the manga (comic) a little. About half the comic series roughly. I quite like the comic.

Midori is a girl who admires Seiji, a gangster from another school, at a distance. She daren’t confess her love to Seiji. One day, she becomes ill and never wakes up.

Seiji wakes up like usual and realizes he has an addition companion. In shock, he screamed. And she screamed. And I laughed. Midori appears attached to Seiji’s right hand. She has unwillingly (but much gladly) becomes Seiji’s right-hand woman.

Midori appears on Seiji's hand.

(Midori appears on Seiji’s hand.)

Their relationship develops as Seiji protects his right hand by not retaliating the hooligans beating and Midori wearing those ‘I love Seiji’ clothes that she hand-made with love.

While on Seiji’s hands, Midori begins to understand Seiji better, seeing the kind side of him. Seiji, on the other hand, begins to know of this shy girl, and seeing the naked side of her. This anime has slight top nudity but not suggestive adult themes.

As Midori is enjoying being on Seiji’s right hand, she realizes that her other self is lying motionlessly on her bed in her house. She is affecting the people who are close to her.

They become closer.

(They become closer.)

Midori no Hibi is an anime to be watched casually. The romance is not strong enough. Sometimes it would seem that there are too many characters that come and go. The art work is great and the ending song is beautiful. I rate the anime 3 stars out of 5. The manga, however, scores better at 4 out of 5 with a longer and more rounded plot.

7 thoughts on “Review: Midori no Hibi

  1. Alison

    i really looooooove midori no hibi!!!!its the best anime show ever and i hav it all on disc!!!! it’s awesome they shuld make more episodes!!!!!

  2. Naomi

    I love Midori no Hibi it was so kawaii! To tell you the truth i was sad Midori lost her memories of her right hand days and she was cuter as Seiji’s right-hand. YAY So unfortanate it ended with Midori opening her window saying “But my love has just begun” or something THEY SHOULDN’T PUT THAT IF THERE’S NO SECOND SEASON GARRR! But it is true in real life……O.o

  3. Mr. Dew Post author

    I was hoping for a continuation too. I was hoping to see more of Seiji and Midori together in real life. More development on that part would be cool. ;)

  4. nia

    i’ve just finished watching the anime (thanx to youtube!). 1 of my friends advise me to watch this anime as well as i’m reading the manga through magazine that i bought twice a month. overall i would say i love this anime! no matter what! it’s freaking funny and have some romantic moment too. but i guess that watching anime alone won’t satisfied until you finish reading the manga.

  5. Mr. Dew Post author

    My friend kinda sent me the manga, hahaa… But I just don’t have time to read it. Well, it’s been a year I think.

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