Gmail’s getting out of the beta stage and going live on April 1st! At least to some Google watchers (you know, as in bird watchers and Google watchers).

Gmail Logo

Gmail is the first web email service that offers 1GB of web space to store all your junks and attachment. I use it all the time. It is quite reliable. There are a couple of times my mails get gobbled up without warning as I send some Visual Basic .NET files over, but asides that, it’s no problem.

I wouldn’t recommend people to use it for their work if you trade source codes often though.

I just hope this isn’t an April Fools’ joke. April 1st has some more important event for me though.

In the meantime, if you can’t wait for a Gmail account, I can always invite you!

[via Jess' Blog]

9 thoughts on “gmail//live

  1. Mr. Dew Post author

    Event Horizon: I agree with you. They are the original starters of the 1GB thing, if they’re sane, they’ll do things quickly and roll out their service earlier than Yahoo! or they’ll just not be the first one in the end. I mean, yes, they came out with the idea but it’s in beta after all.

  2. milky

    teeheehee, being the kaypo me, i actually know what’s the other special occasion on April 1st. Anyway, I hope you will enjoy that day. :)

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  4. Mr. Dew Post author

    milky: You actually do? Wow, I am happy that someone actually remembered other then me. Quick, tell me when’s yours?

    Nafcom: Sure thing, no problem. :)

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