Google launches something new again – Blog Search. Currently in Beta – as are many Google products anyway – Google Blog Search does what its name imply.

Google Blog Search allows the user to search through many many blogs including the one that you are currently viewing. I given it a try and it would seem like just the normal Google search that filters blogs in. It’s kinda unnecessary to create this tool in my opinion.

Try Google Blog Search now.

5 thoughts on “blog//search

  1. pketh

    aww man, I was *just* gonna make a minipost about this…

    awwww well – screw it :D
    (btw, I got a new layout, have you seen it?)

  2. Mr. Dew Post author

    pketh: You can still make one. I like your minipost thingy. WordPress has it as a plug in, but I don’t want to use much plugins with the fear of it not being supported as WordPress upgrades to the next version.

    Yes, I’ve seen your new layout. It looks really refreshing. The colors gives me a calm yet fun feeling. It’s a unique selection of colors that I haven’t seen around in most web pages. Your page looks better in Firefox and Opera than in Internet Explorer. Probably something to do with the CSS.

    In Internet Explorer 6, the page’s white background disappears and appears as it wishes when I scroll down. It’s a strange phenomenon, lol

    Everything else is looking good though.

  3. Mr. Dew Post author

    Oh yeah, there is something strange now.

    Take a look at this page:

    At the bottom, I see Р̢?? Oh la la El cruce (Heart symbol)

    The heart symbol is where I click to search I believe, but there is strangely no textbox to type a search text. When I click on it, it appears just to bring me to the next post.

    Is it suppose to be part of the design?

  4. pketh

    ya, I hear the layout blows up in ie, I’m *slowly* working on it..

    the heart thing is weeeird. Actually the heart dialogue box is only supposed to be for the search field on the bottom of the page.. But it seems to have replicated itself

    web coding is annoying :(

    thanks !

  5. Mr. Dew Post author

    pketh: Sometimes it’s just strange. There is always a logical reason. It may seem strange but you’ll figure out what’s wrong, hahaa..

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