I noticed WordPress’ version number has made a jump from 1.3 to 1.5. At first I thought it a typo or something. Then more discussions went on. The developers didn’t change the version number back to 1.3 too in their nightly builds. It was then I figured more or less that 1.5 is the upcoming version number for WordPress and not 1.3. [More information.]

The real reason is we wanted the version to be indictative of the changes in the underlying codebase, and 1.5 has a lot. Weâ??re still pretty conservative with version numbers though, if we were Microsoft weâ??d be on 10.0 already.

Source: WordPress > Development Blog

This blog that you’re reading runs on WordPress 1.2.1 and has yet to upgrade to 1.2.2. It would be real soon though. I won’t be jumping into 1.5 Alpha, since it’s in the, well, alpha state. I’ll jump into it as it reaches beta though. I really want the ability to add pages and theme management.

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  1. pketh

    I haven’t really been interested in upgrading my movabletype installation. Even though, 3.1 (I use 2.6) has many new features I realized that upgrading these blog software things is sometimes a real hassle, and a nightmare if something goes wrong. After installing MT for the first time, I went through many different problems.

    So I tell myself (and it’s true), that I’m more than happy with my current MT and it’s best to use what your comfortable with rite? :)

  2. Mr. Dew

    pketh: It’s true that sometimes aren’t necessary. There are some features in 1.5 that I am looking forward to. One of which would be the ability to create pages instead of posts. Right now, creating an ‘About’ page can be just done with HTML files, but once I change my template, the HTML files just simply don’t update. I found a plugin to deliver such a feature in WordPress 1.2 but somehow I still trust the developers more, hahaa..

    However, if the new features aren’t something that you are really looking forward to, there’s isn’t really a need to upgrade. You can take your own sweet time to do so, hahaa..

    And yes, there are be quite a hassle. In WordPress if you replace you index.php, your customizations to that page which is basically your theme would be gone! And the SQL tables – you got to back them up first. There’s a hassle to me, I’ll probably deal with it when I’m too free.

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