Footage of secret Mormon temple rituals

Footage of secret Mormon temple rituals

Mormon temple ceremonies are a closely held secret. Until now.

For the first time in the 170+ year history of secret Mormon temple activity, those activities have been captured on film with a hidden camera.

Watch with your own eyes the sworn oath, known as the “Law of Consecration,” that US Presidential candidate Mitt Romney has raised his arm to the square and vowed to obey, an oath that requires faithful Mormons to consecrate 100% of their current AND FUTURE time, talents and everything they will ever be blessed with, to the Mormon church and it’s goal to achieve a worldwide theocracy headed by Mormons.

Death of Newsweek

It’s been reported that Newsweek will stop printed publication:

In a message posted on The Daily Beast, Ms. Brown announced that Newsweek would cease print publication at the end of the year and move to an all-digital format. The transition, she wrote, would include layoffs, and at a staff meeting Thursday morning, she grew teary-eyed when she told employees that she didn’t know how many people would be let go.

The staff remaining will publish a digital magazine called Newsweek Global. Readers will continue to pay for Newsweek, Ms. Brown said, and some Newsweek articles will appear on The Daily Beast, which will continue as a free Web site. The end of the print edition will help stem Newsweek’s estimated $40 million in annual losses.

It leaves me sad and excited at the same time. Sad because Newsweek is one of the news magazines I read regularly through army. Yet I’m excited that the publishing landscape is shifting.

What’s really going to happen to the print business then? They probably aren’t going to be very profitable considering that advertising revenue is dropping quickly on print. Maybe they’ll all shift online only to be now serving their new masters — Apple and Amazon.

Update on Martin Luther’s thoughts

Since the 1980s, some Lutheran church bodies have formally denounced and dissociated themselves from Luther’s discriminatory writings on the Jews. So what discrimatory remarks did Martin Luther write on the Jews? This! (Source: Wikipedia)

In the first ten sections of the treatise, Luther expounds, at considerable length, upon his views concerning Jews and Judaism and how these compare against Christians and Christianity. Following this exposition, Section XI of the treatise advises Christians to carry out seven remedial actions. These are

  1. for Jewish synagogues and schools to be burned to the ground, and the remnants buried out of sight;
  2. for houses owned by Jews to be likewise razed, and the owners made to live in agricultural outbuildings;
  3. for their religious writings to be taken away;
  4. for rabbis to be forbidden to preach, and to be executed if they do;
  5. for safe conduct on the roads to be abolished for Jews;
  6. for usury to be prohibited, and for all silver and gold to be removed and “put aside for safekeeping”; and
  7. for the Jewish population to be put to work as agricultural slave labor.

It’s interesting to see that religions are evolving to be more relevant to today’s context. While it does seem like a nice thing to do, sometimes I feel it’s more like religions have to act this way or they may die out. Increasing the emphasis of living in a society is about tolerance and religions are turning to less aggressive stances.

State of this blog

I’ve been largely engaged in other activities, other than blogging. I haven’t been able to spend as much time on this blog. I’ll be doing a major cleanup of the website though. Eventually I’ll be doing a bit more sharing of the interesting bits that I come across rather than writing full pieces. Do look forward to it. :)

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Video killed the radio star

Buggles – Video killed the radio star

Buggles – Video killed the radio star 1979

I heard you on the wireless back in 52
lying awake intent a tuning in on you
if I was young it didn’t stop you coming through

They took the credit for your second symphony
re-written by machine and new technology
and now I understand the problems you can see

WordPress 3.3

WordPress 3.3 is out:

Easier Uploading

We’ve streamlined things! Instead of needing to click on a specific upload icon based on your file type, now there’s just one. Once your file is uploaded, the appropriate fields will be displayed for entering information based on the file type.

Adding photos or other files to posts and pages just got easier. Drag files from your desktop and drop them into the uploader. Add one file at a time, or many at once.

We’ve added the rar and 7z file formats to the list of allowed file types in the uploader.